Friday, February 5, 2010

16-patch by Wendy F.

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I had bought this jelly roll pack of pastels some time ago, and just last week I bought the
blue floral. The ideas started rolling around in my mind and I decided to take a stab
at making the workshop quilt. Thought I would post these first few blocks to see what you thought of it .It is funny how things look so different in a picture than they do in person. The lighting is off in the room so I almost think the picture doesn't look as good as it viewing in person.


  1. Hello Grand Manan...I'm in Sussex and new to blogging. 30 year vet of quilting and delighted to have found your blog.

  2. Nice combination of colours, Wendy! I like the pastels. It will be fun to see all our workshop quilts together, and see how different they all are!

  3. Welcome Quilting Queen! Hope you will come to visit our island, as well as our blog!

  4. Quilting Queen please make sure to tell any of your quilting buddies about our blog. Keep checking for the dates of our Quilt Show.