Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Member Background

by Wendy F.

     I made my first quilt in my last year of high school (1976) when I hardly knew what I was doing. It was cut from what was called crimplene (100 % polyester knit).  I used left over fabric from dresses that I had made in high school. It was machine sewn, and machine quilted as well.  I had no knowledge of how to hand quilt at that point. The back was all small blocks as well because I thought that was how I was supposed to make it. It was a really warm quilt.
     My next exposure to quilting came in 1981 when I moved to Swan River Manitoba.  I was part of a ladies mission circle and they gathered on a regular basis to make quilts to raise funds for a Bible Camp. I didn't get any real quilting lessons at the time, but I caught the bug , and started making my own quilts, and still have one of them today.  My first quilting efforts were rather clumsy but over the years I have steadily improved. I have a good selection of quilting books.  My quilts are not what one would call "works of art ", but they are a "labour of love ".  I have given many quilts as gifts to family and friends and they have all been well appreciated.  I have been a member of what used to called "Mayflower hand-quilters of Nova Scotia" (that has been renamed Mayflower Quilters Guild to include the different kind of quilters ) I was also a member of the West Island Quilters Guild when I lived in Montreal.
Since joining Tidal Threads I have learned so much about colour and colour placement. Having members in our group who are expert quilters, but who are most gracious about accepting those who are not has encouraged me to improve my quilting skills and inspired me to go on to complete new projects .

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  1. Thanks for sharing your quilting background Wendy. Your quilts are always fun to see and you are always trying something new.
    I enjoy our group because it is such a lovely mixture of women with diverse interests and talents. Every member brings something very special to the meetings, themselves.
    Linda K.