Monday, February 8, 2010

Martha Minutes

16-patch update

Hope everyone has had some time to work on their 16-patch/Pinwheel quilt! We'll be talking about arranging blocks, colour and value, and perhaps even experimenting with some different block arrangements on Thursday. Will also give some tips on sewing the rows and columns together to make the completed top.

I think next week, Feb. 25, we should dedicate an hour or so to planning for our July Quilt Show. We really have to get down to business and determine some areas of responsibility for the show....e.g.: set up of frames/quilts/Sunday School rooms, call for entries, work schedules, food, tickets, and of course our own raffle quilt, which is still sitting in my sewing room. I'm sure I have forgotten some other aspects which we should be thinking about as well. I will contact the KV Guild before Thurs. to inquire about renting their frames again.

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