Friday, February 19, 2010

February 18th, 2010

Feb. 18, 2010       Meeting Summary by Martha E.

     Great to see such serious quilters and knitters out today at our meeting. (Thanks to Gladys for the Feb. birthday cake!) It is fascinating to see all the different 16-patch/pinwheels coming together, and to see how everyone's piecing skills are improving! Attached are some photos from today. Next week should be even better!
     Again I would like to encourage anyone interested in attending the Gathering of the Guilds in Sussex at the Fairway Motel April 23-25. It is a really good time, and no requilrements for quilting prowess are necessary. In fact, new quilters would really find some motivation by seeing all the show and tell from other guilds. If you are interested in going, please email me for details, costs,etc.

Beautiful birthday cake by Gladys.       


Brenda and her beautiful colors.

 Frieda at work on her pinwheels.

Ellen's 16-patch.

Wendy's pastel 16-patch


  1. Hi glad to hear you are thinking about the Gathering of the Guilds in Sussex in April. It is a great time to meet other quilters and find out what they are up to. This will be my 4th gathering and I truly am excited.(this time I will be working , not a delegate but I expect it will be just as much fun) You won't believe all the neat things going on in the quilting world. Hope to see some of you there.

  2. Notice there is a difference in the way the triangles go in my quilt and then look at Ellen's. We place them differently and they give a completely different look. Warning it is kind of hard on the eyes trying to figure it out.:-)