Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Member Background

by –  Martha E.

My love affair with quilting began in the 70's when a friend convinced me that we could each make a quilt for our daughters, and quilt them together. Since then, my style has evolved to include reproduction and traditional quilts, adaptations of published designs, and a few original quilts. My skills have improved as well, and I consider myself an intermediate level quilter. Luckily, my sister Nancy is an artist, and I have come to rely on her design skills and great colour sense to assist me in my quilt projects. Together we started the Tidal Threads Quilt and Needlework Guild in 2008 and so far it has been a very satisfying venture. We also have a booth in the Grand Manan Farmers’ Market in the summer where we sell our quilted products.

‘The journey is the destination’ describes my approach to life. I have always loved maps, and my husband and I have been able to fulfill our dreams to travel to many corners of the world. We have visited many countries in western Europe and Asia, as well as the Baltics, Russia, and New Zealand. The journey became the destination in all these trips. This philosophy really came into its own when we spent time living and working in China. There you must relinquish your desire to be in control of what happens to you, and just "go with the flow". Not an easy lesson for a retired educator who was used to being in charge. I am trying to let go of my need to control things, and just enjoy the moment. It's a very satisfying and freeing transformation!

Most of my quilts have been gifts to friends, family, or charities. Putting pieces of fabric together, whether they blend or contrast, exemplifies my attempt to understand others and encourage friendship and love between people of different backgrounds and cultures.

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